Rates for Home Inspections

1. Pre-purchase Inspection Basic service
Our inspector completes a full inspection of the home according to established standards of practise and presents you with a full written report and brief explanation of hi-lites of his findings.
Premium service
Same as our Basic Service but also includes a full tour of the house from inside to outside with an explanation of all findings and answers to all questions.
2. Pre-sale Inspection $425.00
3. Newly Built House Inspection $425.00
4. Partial Inspection (up to (2) items) With Report... $215.00
5. Radon gas Inspection / Testing quoted
6. Carbon Monoxide Testing quoted
7. Lead Testing (basic testing) quoted
8. Water Test $80.00
9. Septic Inspection -tank lids exposed by owner $235.00
-tank lids exposed by G.H.S. $350.00

NB  Prices above are based on house value not to exceed $250,000.00.
For homes over $250,000.00 a surcharge will apply.
Combined services may be discounted - contact us for details.

10. Consulting Fees / expert witness Base Rate... $220.00
(includes 2 hours service - plus hourly fee for service exceeding 2 hours)
11. Hourly Service Fee $90.00

Subject to change without notice
Effective as of Jan 1, 2011