Time to move Forward…





There are times when all of us (husbands, that is…) have the best of intentions. My client’s husband certainly meets that criteria. She wanted her kitchen renovated, and he said he would do it. Sound familiar?
Tear out
Well, a wall came down and floors were ripped up and then… nothing, that is except a promise to get it done!






So, “temporary”  shelves were erected and life went on. For quite some time, until she decided it was time to move forward, that is, with the help of professionals! That’s when we came into the picture…







We were told “everything is to come out!” No walls – nothing left! Quite a design challenge to
create an open concept – kitchen, dining room and living room. But, our design team was up to the challenge and came up with a beautiful workable floor plan.





More Tear out





Additional to the challenge was the bearing walls. How do we take those out and keep the house from caving in? With the help of engineered beams and a great carpentry team; out they came and no one is the worse for wear!







Beautiful! What a difference! Lots of working and storage space, granite counters with a breakfast bar, specialty lighting, stainless steel appliances, all make for a wonderful transition worth waiting for.







The south facing windows give a natural bright and warm start to the day, with pot and pendant lighting bringing a nice warm glow in the evening hours without compromising workability.



The natural gas cook top has a built in, high powered, down draft venting system to keep all the unwanted cooking odours from entering the living space. Multiple pull out drawers allow easy access to pots, pans and other cooking necessities.



Guests can relax in the comfortable sofas and still talk with their host while they are getting a scrumptous meal prepared. No one is out of site here, and everyone can participate in the discussions.




























Beautiful ceramic and hardwood floors create some definition to the areas and add elegance to the design. After a long wait, the dream was finally realized and “hubby” didn’t have to lift a finger!

Another great job by the Glanfield Homes renovation team!






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