A nice place to relax…

As I write this post, I feel that spring is in the air… Well, spring is technically here but, today it is a little bit chilly outside – but, I digress… The good folks that own this modest home were looking for a nice place to relax on a spring – summer – fall evening, or, even early morning. However, […]

Bed and Breakfast Gets More…

This beautiful century home, converted to a bed and breakfast, had a problem…. They needed to have another bath added to accommodate additional guests. The bathroom you see here was only a two piece but, the owner needed a four piece. Hmmmm…… what to do?? The room was large enough for a three piece but, adding that extra piece was […]

Time to move Forward…

    There are times when all of us (husbands, that is…) have the best of intentions. My client’s husband certainly meets that criteria. She wanted her kitchen renovated, and he said he would do it. Sound familiar? Tear out Well, a wall came down and floors were ripped up and then… nothing, that is except a promise to get […]

Busting at the Seams

“I’m out of space!” were some of the first words I heard from this hard working homemaker. She had raised a family and worked hard for the day when she could have the kitchen of her dreams.               The problem was, she really was out of room too. So, the best solution was to […]

1970’s bath gets the boot!

      Okay, we’ve all seen them… and some of you are still living with them. I am talking about a 1970’s bathroom! You know, the battleship vinyl flooring, mahogany (did I hear someone say.. Rainforest?) cabinetry and trims, baby blue, or harvest gold fixtures, etc, etc. Well this one fits the bill and it was time for it […]