Busting at the Seams

“I’m out of space!” were some of the first words I heard from this hard working homemaker. She had raised a family and worked hard for the day when she could have the kitchen of her dreams.               The problem was, she really was out of room too. So, the best solution was to […]

Summer is coming!

As I am writing this post, I am looking out the window on a gray day with a light snowfall… and, I am thinking – summer is just around the corner! Well, maybe I am dreaming but, it probably wont be all that long and it really will be “just around the corner”! However, a sun room can be just […]

A space for Dad…

So, you may recall in my post “Busting  at the Seams” that “mom” needed  some more space and a kitchen renovation… Well, “Dad” had also been trying to run a small business off  the dining room table and needed his own space too! After consideration, it was decided that he needed an addition which he could call “his” and this […]