2 Piece gets Overhaul


Perhaps you think that the two piece bath in your home doesn’t deserve much attention? Well, this homeowner thought the guests he was entertaining should have something just a little more comfortable and pretty
to look at while… let’s just say – relaxing!
The suede and pumpkin colouring with the dark cabinetry created just the ticket! Old fashioned wainscoting always gives that Ole’ Country feel that always seems warm and inviting – sort of like an apple pie baking in the oven! Low volume flush toilets are the order of the day to keep the water bill in check as well! “Over the John” cabinetry offers a neat place to keep supplies hidden and provide space for a book or two for those extra long visits.






IM004233The pedestal sink with bronze, old fashioned twin handle faucets give the appearance of luxury without overpowering the room; as a full cabinet would. A good size mirror also creates depth and the allusion of extra space – just what is needed to keep a small room from feeling claustrophobic. Frosted glass on the window allows for privacy without compromising the natural sunlight to brighten the space. Overall a warm, comfortable and inviting space for your guests to “take the break that refreshes”!

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