1970’s bath gets the boot!






Okay, we’ve all seen them… and some of you are still living with them. I am talking about a 1970’s bathroom! You know, the battleship vinyl flooring, mahogany (did I hear someone say.. Rainforest?) cabinetry and trims, baby blue, or harvest gold fixtures, etc, etc.
Well this one fits the bill and it was time for it to get the boot!








So, out came the sledge hammers, saws and pry bars to begin the grand transformation…











Beautiful!! Marble flooring, custom oak cabinetry and matching mirrors, contemporary lighting, sleek single handle faucets, marble counter top with under mount sinks and fresh trim and paint all combine to make this a new elegant bathing experience…
















Notice the “ladder”? It’s really a towel warmer! Imagine climbing out of the bath or shower to be wrapped in a warm comfortable towel. Ahhhh….
Also, the sleek, low maintenance acrylic tub / shower unit with pressure regulated faucets make for a great experience with no surprises when someone turns on the tap elsewhere in the home!
Note that the storage closet blends into the wall? Great to put those things that nobody looks at, away and not draw attention to itself.











Add some lights to keep everything nice and bright and a curved shower rod to give the allusion of a much bigger tub space and…voila… A delightful experience awaits the next lucky bather, all thanks to the design and renovation team at Glanfield Homes!

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