Bed and Breakfast Gets More…

BeforeThis beautiful century home, converted to a bed and breakfast, had a problem…. They needed to have another bath added to accommodate additional guests. The bathroom you see here was only a two piece but, the owner needed a four piece. Hmmmm…… what to do?? The room was large enough for a three piece but, adding that extra piece was going to be tough! Thankfully, the corner of the room had an old basement entry / staircase that was no longer in use which allowed for the transformation to occur…







AfterSo, the first order of the day was to design a comfortable and luxurious bathroom for the Inn’s clients. Hence, the toilet was repositioned on an angle to give the feeling of more space and a new “old fashioned” soaker tub was added for those nice warm baths on a cool night – complete with bubbles – I am sure! The vanity was moved over to the left of the doorway (out of sight in this picture).











After2And…. the new walk in shower was added in the location of the old unused staircase, complete with shower doors for a nice, bright, comfortable bathing experience. The trim was custom made to match the century old mill work and give the appearance that this was the way it was always meant to be. I am sure that the guests find the space hard to leave… that is, until someone comes knocking!!

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